Mozza & Mazza Jungle Party at Molly Rose

Wed 24 Apr 4:00pm

Mozza & Mazza Jungle Party at Molly Rose

Keeping just half an eye on the happenings at Molly Rose Brewing is enough to suggest that its main man Nic Sandery has an inquisitive mind that's incessantly searching for interesting directions in which to push his beer and the wider business. 

The latest avenue is a podcast called Do You Realise That You Have The Most Beautiful Taste (the title presumably taken from the Flaming Lips' soaring take on death and our fleeting place in the cosmos) in which he sits down for a chat with "flavour makers, shakers and tasters to dig into where they get their inspiration from". 

The first full episode is with the maestros of locally produced spirits at Marionette, and that conversation is part of a collaboration that saw the two teams get together to create a new beer under the "Not Wasted" banner, whereby a bunch of fresh produce that'd be destined for the dump instead gets directed into a beer. 

The fruits of their labour – in this case orange peel, hibiscus, pineapple, and a good splash of rhum – have resulted in the creation of the tropically flavoured hazy Jungle Bird Beer.

It'll be getting its launch on April 24 at Molly Rose where you can enjoy it alongside a bunch of Jungle Bird cocktails and a few sneaky sips of Marionette's forthcoming pineapple liqueur. Befitting the occasion, they'll also be putting on a special Jungle Curry spread, with all the tropical trimmings . 

Things kick off from 4pm, and if you'd like to book a table for dinner you can do so here.

And if you'd like to check out the podcast, you can listen via Spotify here.

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