Five Barrel Brewing's Organic Hazy Launch

Fri 23 Feb 12:00pm

Five Barrel Brewing's Organic Hazy Launch

More than a beer launch, this is a public statement of intent from Five Barrel Brewing as the Wollongong brewer prepares to launch a new sub-brand focused on producing organic and eco-friendly beer that they hope will take the brewing industry towards a more sustainable future. No pressure, then!  

While those 'eco' terms may have been green-washed to death across many an industry, there's a legitimate case here as they've managed to tick a few key boxes in the beer's production. Namely, all the grain and hops comes from regenerative farmers in NSW, all the ingredients are organic, and no new plastic has been used from production through to packaging. "Our commitment to making a difference," is how they pitch it. 

That's all well and good (and potentially great), but it won't be worth much if the beer doesn't pass the taste test. So, it's up to you to head along to their brewery on February 23 to find out as they launch the first beer in this new series, the Organic Hazy. 

Join them from midday and make a toast to what will hopefully be a better future for local beer production.