Events Bitta Phunk at Bitter Phew

Bitta Phunk at Bitter Phew
12pm 11 Feb, 2023

When Bitter Phew first opened its doors nine long years ago, this is an event they wouldn't, perhaps couldn't, host. 

You see, those were simpler times in Sydney. There were only a handful of craft breweries, with a fistful of specialist beer bars and bottleshops brave enough to serve what they were making. And what they made was, mostly, hop-forward, bitter beers. 

But fast-forward to today and Australia has a far more diverse beer scene, both in terms of what's produced here and what comes in from overseas. Things are a little weirder, a little wilder, and a lot more wonderful. 

And it's this that Bitter Phew will be celebrating on February 11 with Bitter Phunk, a day on which they'll open taps and knock caps off a whole bunch of farmhouse and spontaneously fermented wild ales. 

Expect to enjoy beers from the likes of Wildflower, Cantillon, Two Metre Tall, The Rare Barrel, Sour Cellars, Side Project, Crooked Stave, Fantome, Jester King, Barrel Shepherd and plenty more top producers of the beer world's more idiosyncratic styles. 

So why not bring a few friends, grab a ploughman's' board and celebrate the just how far we've come. 

Doors open at midday.

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Matilda Bay Hazy Lager D
FB Propak B


Kaiju Mutation- C
FB Propak B
Goat Blood Orange
Stone & Wood ECL
Cryer Malt 2020 4
Bendigo bottom