Events Brewer's Got Talent 2022

Brewer's Got Talent 2022
4pm 20 Aug, 2022

Keen to meet the brewing legends of tomorrow? The annual (apart from the COVID years...) brewing competition from Frenchies and The Brew Shop is back for 2022!

Brewer's Got Talent is a day of fun and healthy competition where home brewers – and mainly those with aspirations to go pro – put their beers on show for the general public to taste and, hopefully, enjoy very much. 

The motivation for doing so is high as the winner on the day (as voted by the judges, including The Crafty Pint's own homebrewing French beer connoisseur Judd Owen) will be the recipient of a beer branding program. That will include the brewing and packaging of their winning beer at Frenchies, distribution to retail outlets, mentoring, merch, and a case of beer to celebrate with. 

There'll also be a People's Choice award where the winner receives the opportunity to brew at Frenchies at a discounted rate, plus a case of beer and merch. Second and third place will also receive prizes and beer and merch. 

The action takes place from 4pm to 7pm on August 20, followed by an after party.

Tickets for an afternoon/evening of sampling and supporting the next generation of brewing talent will cost just $20. 

Buy tickets here

Beer Club Bonus

We've got double passes up for grabs for members of our beer club, The Crafty Cabal. You can enter the competition to win one by signing in here or via The Crafty Pint app.

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