Post-GABS Sunday Session at Union Newtown (NSW)

Sun 3 Jun 2:00pm

Post-GABS Sunday Session at Union Newtown (NSW)

It's been a little while since we last hosted a bar shout for supporters in Sydney so we're going to remedy it with a Sunday session the day after GABS 2018 hits the city.

We'll be putting on free beers for Crafty Cabal members and industry supporters at the Union Hotel in Newtown from 2pm to 4pm, whether you're in need of a little hair of the dog or just want to come and say hi.

Cabalistas can register via their member's area and we'll be sending invites to industry ASAP.

We'll have more info on the beers closer to the time, but there should be a keg of Nail's delicious VPA in the mix, and the bar has bands kicking off around 4.30pm too.

See you there!

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