Valley Hops

Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley can be a difficult place to define. It’s seedy and upscale, derelict and architectural. It’s mystery meat doner kebab and Nordic degustation. Churches, nightclubs. Theatres, tattoo shops. A place with a grimy, dark past and a shiny future.

Naturally, the Valley – as everyone calls it – is as complex as the people who visit and live there. The thing that binds the place together is that almost everyone is there for a good time, safe in the knowledge that whatever freakish behaviour they sign up to, there’s usually someone doing something more extreme, more left-of-centre.

It’s absolutely no surprise at all then that a brewery like Valley Hops calls the Valley home. Opened in 2021 by the same hospitality group that runs many of the Valley’s institutions and nightclubs, the brewery pays homage to and is itself one of the Valley’s characters.

Let’s start by acknowledging the fact that Valley Hops and its 15hL brewhouse are located on the sixth floor and rooftop of the Cloudland nightclub building. It is probably the only brewery in Australia where tonnes of grain and other brewing supplies are hoisted from the street into the brewhouse via a purpose-built crane. The construction of the brewery itself required several new floors to be added to the existing building. There must have been an easier option – but this is the Valley after all.

While there are other breweries located in the Valley and absolutely no shortage of places to get a drink, the team behind Valley Hops are hoping to make the brewery and venue feel like they’re part of the furniture of the area. They’d like the brewery to be known as the Valley’s own – a place that not only welcomes but outwardly embraces the Valley’s diversity.

The beers, brewed by Josh Warren (ex-Green Beacon), are all inspired by and celebrate the area and its mix of characters. A lively passionfruit and mango sour is dedicated to the fizz and pop of the annual Valley Fiesta. An American pale ale celebrates a legendary 21-pub bar crawl/fun run, and the house lager is named after the local rugby league club – and its marauding boofheads – Valley Diehards.

Beers are brewed onsite – a feat that never ceases to be impressive – in the aforementioned 15hL brewhouse. A pilot kit keeps things interesting and opens up possibilities for new and experimental brews to meet and push the boundaries of drinkers’ tastes.

There’s food on offer too: wood-fired pizzas, skewers grilled over charcoals, and a host of other morsels, including a Queensland pineapple fritter.

The venue itself is sun-washed and combines contemporary timber, glass and concrete into something relaxed and welcoming. A sculptural pizza oven made from a mass of concrete, an arbor with greenery, and an enormous wrought-iron and led light panel behind the bar add to the elements that make Valley Hops another intriguing feature for the area.

Right up on the rooftop on Anne Street, you’re both in the frenetic energy of the Valley and also quite separate from it. There’s plenty of space to enjoy a drink and a quiet conversation if that’s what you’re after. And you're only a stumble – or should that be hop – away from the Brunswick Street Mall if you’re after something rather louder.

Brad Gellert

Valley Hops

641 Ann Street
Fortitude Valley
QLD 4006

(07) 3852 5000
Open Hours

Mon & Tues: 4pm to midnight
Wednesday: 11am to midnight
Thursday: 11am to 1am
Fri & Sat: 11am to 2am
Sunday: 11am to 1am

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Valley Hops Regulars

Valley Hops Exhibitionist Tropical Ale

One of the great things about the Valley is it permits an atmosphere that encourages people, for use of a better term, to fly their freak flag. There have been many over the years but maybe none so memorable as seeing a completely nude gentleman roller skate down the Brunswick Street Mall at 8.35am on a Tuesday. Yes, the Valley is that sort of place. While Exhibitionist Tropical Ale isn’t a freak of a beer at all, its stripped back, lean, and dry body lets the hops bare all. Tropical fruits, grapefruit… Read more
Tropical Pale Ale

Valley Hops 21 Pubs Pale Ale

Apparently in the 90s, a legendary fun run took place in the Valley that saw participants take on a course that involved stopping and drinking a beer at each of the area’s 21 pubs. And while this unique and public form of torture no longer occurs, it has inspired the team at Valley Hops, who’ve dedicated their American pale ale to the endeavour. The beer lands on the maltier side of pale ales, with a hint of caramel sweetness and enough heft to balance a decent amount of bitterness. A heady… Read more
American Pale Ale

Valley Hops Diehards Lager

Of all the beers that bring you closest to a bygone era of the Valley – a time of bent cops, strip clubs and crooked pollies – it’s the Diehard Lager. This is not to disparage the beer in anyway: it’s a lovely drop. It’s just that you really can see this beer being served in ponies and downed by a bunch of moustachioed second-graders who’ve come from Neuman Oval for a post-training session. It’s a crisp, dry lager with a very clean and light body. There’s some grassiness to it, but… Read more

Valley Hops Interloper Hazy IPA

If Valley Hops’ Diehards Lager is the beer that nods most clearly to their home’s past, Interloper Hazy IPA is the one that keeps things current. Orange and golden in the glass, Interloper is a juicy number that's fizzing with sweet mandarin and tropical fruits. It’s full in the mouth with a pillowy creaminess, but isn’t soupy, and the maltiness is balanced. Bitterness is restrained, as this beer is all about the combination of texture and juicy hop qualities. Brad Gellert… Read more
Hazy IPA

Valley Hops Herbalist IPA

Despite being dedicated to a guy who wandered the Valley’s Chinatown Mall making unsolicited attempts to heal the ailments of strangers, Valley Hops points out that its Herbalist IPA has no healing qualities. Whatever you feel when consuming one, it’s probably just the alcohol. In fact, the beer is a straight down the line West Coast IPA with no herbal properties to speak of. Pouring a golden orange, there’s weight to the body, which carries some caramel and biscuit qualities. Pine, citrus… Read more
West Coast IPA

Valley Hops Fiesta Sour

Anyone who’s been to the Valley Fiesta – the area’s annual live music street festival – knows that things can get a little loud and lively. Valley Hops have tried to capture this energy with their core range mango and passionfruit sour, Fiesta. They’ve not held back either – it’s properly tart with an acidic crunch and spritziness that jumps out at you. The beer carries plenty of summery goodness: ripe mango and bright and fragrant passionfruit are the stars and aren’t shy alongside… Read more
Mango & Passionfruit Sour