Bucketty's Brewing Co

When a brewery’s grand opening includes the mayor cutting through a branch with a chainsaw instead of the standard ribbon ceremony, you’ve got to wonder why.

Nick and Lexi McDonald originally planned to open a brewery in Bucketty, a little spot in the Hunter Valley. They bought land and even planted a hop farm, but after years of planning their application was eventually rejected by the local council.

The story could have ended there, but Nick and Lexi were not so easily put off – instead they decided to bring a taste of Bucketty to Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Adding another spoke to Brookvale’s hub of breweries, Bucketty's Brewing holds onto some proper Aussie bush character. Timber from Bucketty is on show throughout the venue – from the log archway, to the nine metre long bar, to the table made from a bridge that burned down in the 2020 bushfires; you can even see the char on the beams that frame the tap list. And that's before you even get to the corrugated iron, the retro country dining chairs, and the gum leaf logo that decorates the beer mugs.

There’s also a definite focus on the colour green – the plants filling the alfresco area, the green neon sign looking over the green felt of the pool table, right through to the green brewhouse floor that reflects off the bottom of the stainless steel fermenters. It's clear the vibe matters at Bucketty's.

“A lot of breweries are a brewery first with a little taproom as an afterthought,” Nick says. “We wanted to find a cool building where we could make a great venue, and then work out a way to put a brewery in.”

But that doesn’t mean the brewery side of things has been overlooked. The three-vessel brewhouse, designed to spec by head brewer Tony D’Astolfo, is visible from most of the venue. Customers can watch the brewers hustling on the brew deck, or even peek through a glass window that shows the inner workings of the coolroom, and feel close to the brewing process.

"You're not getting in the way in a factory, but you're still very much part of it,” Lexi says.

There’s plenty of the finished product to keep people busy: 12 taps offer up a spectrum of options, whether you're feeling like a New World lager, a sessionable stout, a hazy and juicy pale, or an IPA that flows from Tony’s taste for dankness. If you want an idea of the beer quality, they won medals two years running at the biggest beer competition on the planet, the World Beer Cup in the US, which is some achievement.

There's also a full range of non-beer beverages available, with plenty of wines, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. This, alongside the tight but diverse food menu, shows how much the Bucketty’s team want to look after all kinds of people.

“We just tried to make it as inclusive as possible," Lexi says, pointing out that Bucketty’s is dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and non-beer-drinker friendly. “Everybody can come along and enjoy the space and a bit of a chat.”

Part of what makes the space so enjoyable is the array of entertainment on offer. Regular live music by local artists, a pool table, a foosball table, two dartboards and an NBA Jam arcade machine make it an easy place to wile away the hours with family and friends.

“I love everything that happens around having a beer,” Nick says. "Just that time of the week where you get to relax and forget about all the shit that's going on. And just connect with people – new friends, old friends…”

Perhaps you want to pull up a stool at the bar and receive some good ol’ hospitality from the smiling staff. Or maybe you're more interested in letting the green neon glow and a soundtrack of live music wash over you as you shoot pool into the night (since Bucketty's is open til midnight on Friday and Saturday).

Either way, you may be in Brookvale, but you’ll be in a Bucketty state of mind.

Mick Wust

Bucketty's Brewing Co

26 Orchard Road
NSW 2100

(02) 8350 6622
Open Hours

Wed & Thurs: 3pm to 10pm
Friday: 12pm to midnight
Saturday: 12pm to midnight
Sunday: 12pm to 10pm


Every Saturday at midday Bookings essential

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Bucketty's Brewing Co Regulars

Bucketty's Brewing Lager

This is the beer the Bucketty’s Brewing team expected the churn through if they’d opened in Bucketty, but damned if they don’t churn through it in Brookvale. It’s a German-style pilsner, but head brewer Tony D’Astolfo had a play around with the hop bill and opted for New World hops rather than the traditional noble varieties. The result is a clean lager with a citrusy edge that you want to order in the biggest vessel available. (At the venue, they serve it by the pint or by the jug, but… Read more

Bucketty's Brewing Aussie Hazy

This is the beer you’ll most often see in owner Nick’s hand. When a hazy glow, a burst of flavour and a light body join together like this, it’s bound to become a firm favourite. The brewers worked hard to squeeze this much haze, aroma and flavour into a sessionable 4.5 percent ABV pale ale. But their work pays off every time someone grabs an Aussie Hazy and has the juicy pineapple aroma flood their nostrils and the soft passionfruit sweetness wash over their tongue. Mick Wust… Read more
Hazy Pale

Bucketty's Brewing IPA

This is the beer that shakes you up without knocking you out. It’s got personality. It’s got pungency. It’s got punch. And somehow it manages to do this while being relatively easy drinking and staying under 6 percent ABV. Overripe pawpaw and pine needles throw themselves around right from the beginning, before smooth, biscuity malt takes it upon itself to enter the fray and carry in some grapefruit bitterness with dignity. A punter can always get a fresh pull of this IPA from the tap at Bucketty’s… Read more

Bucketty's Brewing Sunday Bitter

If you’ve been to the Northern Beaches, you know there is a market for this beer. Far out, if you’ve driven your car through the beaches with the window down you know there’s a market for this beer. Brewed for the local British expats and perfect for a session on the holy day, the Sunday Bitter comes in at a repeatable 3.8 percent ABV. Holding a nice little head, Sunday Bitter – which took out silver at the prestigious World Beer Cup in the States in 2023 – has a colour reminiscent of old… Read more
English Bitter

World Beer Cup 2023 – Silver

Bucketty's Brewing Sunsets Lager

I’m very invested in breweries that want to brew a "crafty Corona" and, although canned, not bottled, I believe that’s what unstoppable brewery Bucketty’s are doing with their Sunset Mexican Lager. Why do I think this? Because they said you can have it with a wedge of lime if you want. Sunsets pours more on the gold, almost pale ale end of hues while supporting a nice crisp head that laces very well when poured into a clean glass. The aromas are delightfully hoppy with pips of lemon… Read more
Mexican Lager

Bucketty's Brewing Co Specials

Bucketty's X Choirboys Run To Paradise XPA

Published January 29, 2023
In this job not a lot surprises me. I’ve had a chicken salt gose, a souvlaki ale and just the other day a blonde designed by AI, so there isn’t much that shocks me anymore. Yet this morning when I opened up a parcel from Bucketty’s and saw their new XPA titled Run To Paradise was made in collaboration with the actual Choirboys, I'll admit I had some trouble finding my words. Thoughts gathered and beer sampled, what should you expect from this Northern Beaches beer/rock mashup celebrating 35… Read more

Order direct from the brewery here

Bucketty's Brewing Irish Stout

Published March 17, 2021
When we asked Lexi, one of the owners, which Bucketty’s beer was her favourite, she answered: “I was lager all the way… then we did the stout!” It’s hard to understand how a 3.5 percent ABV dry Irish stout could capture this much character. Big, roasty aroma, smooth nitro creaminess, subtle coffee flavours, enough chew to keep you coming back for more, and a super sessionable strength that you could sit with all night. Released on St Patrick’s Day 2021, this stout found its way into the… Read more
Dry Irish Stout

Bucketty's Brewing 5 Day XPA

In the days after opening the doors of their brewery, the Bucketty’s team faced a problem many new breweries face – people were drinking their beer faster than they could brew it. Brewing a batch of beer generally takes two to three weeks from go to whoa, but the thirsty locals were guzzling it like it was milk at a chilli eating contest. That’s when kveik came to the rescue. Using the Norwegian super yeast, head brewer Tony D’Astolfo turned out an XPA in not three weeks… not two weeks…… Read more
Kveik XPA

Bucketty's Brewing West Coast IPA

Bucketty’s head brewer Tony D’Astolfo is happy to brew lagers and hazy pale ales. But every brewer has a certain kind of beer that really lights the fire behind their eyes. “I’m a West Coast guy. I grew up on the West Coast in the US… I just like that piney dankness.” Bring on the brighter appearance. Bring on the snap of bitterness from the moment it hits your lips. Bring on the pine and the dankness that keeps the fruity tones in the background. Bring on the heft of 7 percent ABV, and… Read more
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