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It’s often said that good people drink good beer and, while that’s often very true, there’s an added benefit when drinking good beer can bring about good too.

It was such an idea that drove a group of mates in Melbourne to launch A Local Beer at the start of 2019 with the aim of using beer as a way to help feed those in need. The brewing company went about it by teaming up with SecondBite, an organisation that rescues food from major supermarkets and passes it on to hungry families. For every six-pack or pint of XPA sold, SecondBite would be able to secure a meal for someone facing food insecurity.

The team behind the beer was Claudia Mitchell, Chris Cefala, Hugo Mylecharane, Sam Harris and Nick Campbell; they’d met at university and shared a love not just for craft beer but social enterprise as well.

Their range wouldn't be limited to XPA forever, however, and neither would the beer label stick with the name A Local Beer. In October 2020, they became Local Brewing Co and expanded their core range to include Runaway IPA and Pacific Paradise alongside the newly-monikered Sunset XPA.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the original ethos that brought Claudia, Chris, Hugo, Sam and Nick together: for each pack or pint sold – now alongside a growing band of limited releases – someone would receive a meal.

By the time of the rebrand, Local Brewing had donated close to 18,000 meals to people in need. What’s more, their beers were finding an audience well beyond Melbourne too, as the team secured distribution across Australia’s East Coast.

Without a brewery of their own, the group worked with some of Melbourne’s local breweries to turn their recipes into beer, with the majority brewed in partnership with Burnley Brewing. The pair may yet become neighbours as well as partners as postcode 3121 is something of a home base for the Local Brewing Co team: it’s where you would most likely have found the first of their beers and, while it’s far from a reality at time of writing, it’s where you can expect to find any future taproom too.

For now, their focus isn’t just on making sure food gets to those who could use it but also on cutting waste; the group has teamed up with their brewing buddies at Burnley on the Fruits Of Our Labour series. These beers use excess sourdough from a local bakery and highlight not only different fruits but also the sheer amount of food that is wasted.

Conversations have taken place over beers for millennia; now Local Brewing Co hope the conversations sparked by theirs will bring about positive change too.

Will Ziebell

Local Brewing Co

116 Murphy Street (Office)
VIC 3121

0432 909 040

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Local Brewing Co Regulars

Local Brewing Co Sunset XPA

The beer that started it all for the crew at Local Brewing Co was this XPA and, although it’s called Sunset, it doesn’t have the same auburn hue a truly stunning sunset can have. Instead, it’s a pale, yellow and hoppy beer that fits nicely into the XPA category that might have confused even the more knowledgeable beer geeks in 2015 but has become a ubiquitous trio of letters in the beer world. The sunset in the title instead refers to the state of mind the beer hopes to conjure in the drinker:… Read more

Local Brewing Co Pacific Paradise

Packed inside a golden and blue can, Pacific Paradise manages to conjure images of beaches a little more picturesque than those skirting Local Brewing Co’s Melbourne home. The core range beer feels like it’s been designed for a spot of post-swim refreshment too: a pale, light and highly quaffable affair. It’s brewed with one of Germany’s newer hops in Huell Melon (well, it’s been around a little while at the time of writing but it’s hardly centuries old) and an American craft beer stalwart… Read more
Summer Ale

Local Brewing Co Runaway IPA

The biggest and boldest beer in Local Brewing Co’s core range at time of writing, Runaway IPA is also their most traditional, a slightly odd fact considering you don’t exactly have to delve that deeply into the annals of brewing history to find the earliest examples of a West Coast IPA. It does, however, speak volumes of how much the brewing industry can change, where already for many big, lean and hoppy IPAs have given way to juicier, softer, sweeter variants. In the case of Runaway, the beer… Read more
West Coast IPA

Local Brewing Co Specials

Local Brewing Co Milkywave

Published May 18, 2022
It can be hard work stargazing in Melbourne but such a challenge doesn’t seem to have held Local Brewing Co back. Following on from their Moonlight Milk Stout in 2021, the brewing company have again looked high in the sky for a beer inspired by our very own galaxy, Milkywave. Much like a nebula, the oat cream IPA is as hazy, soft and creamy as you should expect a beer lined with lactose and oats to be but compared to some in the style, Milkywave has quite a strident bitterness to counter its rich… Read more
Oat Cream IPA

Local Brewing Stratum IPA & Mojito Sour

Published November 18, 2021
Whether it’s hops you crave or to be whisked away to a sunny location, Local Brewing Co might have the beer to suit. Stratum IPA is a West Coast brewed in collaboration with the beer retailers at Hops to Home, with the name referring to layers within a structure. It's also a nod to the heavy use of Strata in the beer, which along with Simcoe and Amarillo provide their own layers of tropical fruit, which come in the shape of sticky passionfruit and papaya, and a dank, piney and bitter finish. From… Read more
West Cost IPA & Sour
6.4% & 5.5%

Local Brewing & Veneziano Coffee On What Grounds

Published August 25, 2021
One drink might be designed for the start of the day and the other for the end of it but there’s a natural affinity when it comes to coffee roasters and brewing companies. Decades ago, those drinking either might not have put too much thought into what's in the glass - or mug - but recent history has seen small operators encourage people to carefully consider both drinks. Bringing the two together in August 2021 are Local Brewing and Veneziano Coffee Roasters, with the collaborative coffee porter… Read more
Coffee Porter

Local Brewing Co Moonlight Milk Stout

Published June 22, 2021
A brief look over our New Beer releases or a glance on social media will make one thing clear: stout season is here. Melbourne’s Local Brewing have joined the fray with their winter 2021 seasonal Moonlight, which has a fitting name given its release has coincided with the Southern Hemisphere's darkest days. It's a dark beer that fits those days too, ready to be enjoyed by the fire (or the small and frankly, pathetic, heater in your sharehouse) with its rich swirl of dark chocolate. The beer's… Read more
Milk Stout
20 IBU

Local Brewing 97 Draught & This Is Your Captain Speaking

Published June 4, 2021
They might share a similar hue but the two latest limited releases from Local Brewing Co probably couldn’t be further removed from one another. For 97 Draught, the kolsh was brewed as a collaboration with Westgarth Liquor, which occupies number 97 High Street, Northcote. Effectively, it’s the kind of beer you might hand to someone who mostly drinks mainstream lagers and though it has similar hallmarks to such a beer, it still packs a punch of flavour. Mostly that's of the floral variety thanks… Read more
Kolsh & NEIPA
4.5% & 7.5%

Local Brewing Co & Burnley Brewing Fruits Of Our Labour: Mango Nectar Sour

Published April 15, 2021
The ongoing bread-saving collaboration between Local Brewing Co and Burnley Brewing reached its third iteration in April 2021 with Mango Nectar Sour. The Fruits of Our Labour series utlizes bread destined for the bin, in this case from three separate bakeries, and fresh fruit and like all Local Brewing beers, each pack sold provides a meal for someone in need through SecondBite. It might be a sour but really the keyword in the beer’s name is “nectar” with the mango oozing out quite sweet… Read more
Mango Sour

Local Brewing Co Runaway DIPA

Published February 18, 2021
February 2021 is the two-year mark since the team behind Local Brewing Co launched and plenty has changed in that time. For one, they used to be called A Local Beer and only had a single beer too but in 2020 their name change saw the team expand the core range to become Sunset XPA, Pacific Paradise and Runaway IPA. To celebrate turning two, the brewing company has doubled down on the last of those to brew a double version of Runaway. The DIPA contains the same hop combination of Simcoe, Ekuanot,… Read more

Local Brewing Co Gingerbread Brown Ale

Published December 11, 2020
To welcome Christmas’ fast approach (and potentially say goodbye to the wild ride that 2020 has been) Local Brewing Co have launched a dark but light-on-its-feet, holiday-inspired beer. Gingerbread Brown Ale does present with plenty of ginger notes but it's joined plenty of pantry items too. There's nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice, combining with slight chocolate notes from the malt to quite fittingly capture a baked treat in a can. But there’s still a dryness to the beer too and the malts are… Read more
Gingerbread Brown Ale

Burnley Watermelon Crush (with Local Brewing Co) & Wit Me Away

Published November 4, 2020
The perennial fruit gatherers at Burnley are back plundering trees again. For their second Fruits of our Labour collaboration with Local Brewing Co, who use beer to provide meals to those in need through their partnership with SecondBite (and recently rebranded from A Local Beer), they follow their banana bread brown ale with Watermelon Crush. Again, the beer makes use of sourdough bread destined for the bin and, while watermelon is often showcased in sours, here it’s found in a hazy pale, where… Read more
Watermelon Hazy & Belgian Witbier
4.8% & 5.4%

Local Brewing Co & Burnley Brewing Fruits Of Our Labour: Banana Bread Brown Ale

Published September 3, 2020
Melbourne-based A Local Beer have made it their mission to help ensure less food is wasted and more goes to people who need it, and the brewing company’s collaboration with Burnley Brewing takes that philosophy a little further. The Fruits Of Our Labour series takes food otherwise destined for landfill and creates a beer from it, and through A Local Beer’s partnership with SecondBite, each four-pack sold provides a meal to someone in need. The first release in that series is Banana Bread Brown… Read more
Banana Bread Brown Ale