Catchment Brewing Peach Bellini Fruited Champagne Pilsner

Cocktail Sour

For summer 2021/22, Catchment brewed a Piña Colada Sour to kick off their Cocktail Series. Now they’ve put out a Peach Bellini Fruited Champagne Pilsner in cans, once more ready for summer picnics and boozy brunches.

If you don’t know, a Bellini is an Italian cocktail made of peach nectar and Prosecco, usually drunk from a champagne flute. This beer from Catchment takes pilsner malt, champagne yeast and peach purée to make a spritzy beer that drinks lighter than its 6 percent ABV would suggest it should.

When it comes to a beer that already has three beverages in its name, I’m sorry to be the one to confuse you with a fourth and suggest that this beer drinks like a dry saison. The peach is actually quite subtle to begin with, letting the fruity esters lead the way with a farmhouse-y vibe. There’s a dryness in the mouth that makes it both easy to drink and ideal to be enjoyed with food. It isn’t until the beer warms a little (if it lasts that long) that the peach really comes to the front, offering potent aromas of overripe peaches that are starting to go soft.

Sweeten it up with peach schnapps or added fruit, or enjoy it dry with savoury brunch in the sun. Just don’t forget it packs more punch that the light body suggests; like a few glasses of champers, this beer could go to your head quite easily.

Mick Wüst

Published December 11, 2022

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