The Suburban Brew Sunday Session Ale

Session Ale

The good old Sunday session. A day to get all the jobs done – mow the lawns, iron your work shirts, meal prep for the week, clean the house – all while beginning to feel slightly down that the work week will soon be upon you yet again. A beer in hand helps with productivity and banishing those Sunday blues and, at 3.5 percent ABV, the Sunday Session Ale can be consumed while completing all the aforementioned jobs, all while feeling great the next day.

Suburban’s take on a session ale heads down the tropical path, with the hops largely centre stage. A light, but not thin, body, starts off with some biscuity malts, supported by tropical pineapple, papaya and a little passionfruit. Similar aromas are present, with the pineapple and papaya again taking the lead. The bitterness is restrained, working in well with a crisp and moreish dry finish. Light, tropical and refreshing.

Matt King

The Suburban Brew

96 Goodwood Road
SA 5034

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Thursday: 4pm to 10pm
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