Fox Hat Bearded Mongrel 2020

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

Every year, when the temperature drops to bitterly cold, Fox Hat release their oatmeal stout, Phat Mongrel alongside an imperial version, Full Mongrel. And, just when you thought that was enough Mongrel to see you through to spring, Fox Hat decided to barrel age the latter and gave birth to Bearded Mongrel. A 10.8 percent ABV imperial stout first released at the 2019 Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival, it returns in 2020 after several months in Bearded Lady Bourbon barrels.

The liquid drips with bourbon, bringing with it a slick, oily texture which in turn imparts many years worth of flavours from the barrels. Pouring a thick jet black with a rich brown head, the barrels also leave behind some oak and vanilla amid layers of rich dark chocolate, dusty cocoa and a very subtle roast that's muted by the strong bourbon flavours. Somehow, despite the heft, Bearded Mongrel maintains a delicate sweetness with a touch of alcohol warmth rising at the end.

Matt King

Published October 13, 2020

Fox Hat Brewing

252 Blewitt Springs Road
McLaren Flat
SA 5171

1800 896 080
Open Hours

Seven days: 10am to 5pm


Tastings available through Beresford Tasting Room

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