Ocho & Deeds Woolly Mammoth Double IPA


Published April 1, 2020

Just a couple of weeks before travel into Tasmania was brought to a halt, Ned from Quiet Deeds called in to see Stu from Ocho at his Miner’s Gold brewery home. Of course, they brewed a beer together and, of course, it is a double IPA.

With all the juice style IPAs on the market at the moment, it's refreshing to dip into a double IPA that serves up a thick, resin-filled back palate. Whilst light on the malts and driven by a hop forward front palate, the pleasant dry warmth you get at the end – especially if you take your time between sips – from the 8 percent ABV is a rare treat.

The nose is full of lemon sherbet and mango, with a thick body of pineapple, candied fruit and a definite presence of esters from the Simonaitis yeast – one with Lithuanian farmhouse origins – which add an interesting layer of complexity. It's worth grabbing a four-pack to see how the experience changes - with so many subtleties, as your palate adjusts you’ll continue to find new flavours. If you do, maybe spread them out over more than one sitting, or enjoy with friends, however...

Dorian Broomhall

Double IPA

Order direct from Ocho, where you can pick up special lockdown mixed packs too


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