Otherside Brewing Co Creative Releases Headliner Double IPA

Otherside Brewing Co

Published August 14, 2019

Otherside’s connection with the creative world was a central part of the Western Australian brewery’s inception; their relationships and patronage have seen artists feature on many of their labels. The team have now brought this ethos under the Creative Release banner, of which Headliner 2019 is the debut. Artist William Kitely describes the beer inspiration of his featured piece as reminiscent of “the lull of summer, as those sea breezes slowly roll up towards the Perth Hills, releasing the pollen of Darlington’s old pine trees far and wide.”

Yellow gold in colour with the slightest of haze, the West Coast style DIPA rolls through grapefruit and sweet citrus accompanied by fleeting moments of melon and tropical notes. Dankness appears through an almost creamy viscosity, although Headliner finishes with an encore of Otherside’s signature crisp, dry coda.

Those keen to contribute to the next Creative Release – Feedback IPL – can submit artwork for consideration by a panel of curators from the Art Gallery of WA before September 1 here.

Guy Southern

Double IPA

Available from the brewery, Freo.Social and Otherside stockists nationally

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