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Grifter Brewing Company

Published June 6, 2014

The chaps at Grifter have provided plenty of information about their latest release (which is a reworking of a beer first released in 2013). This beefed up oatmeal stout is "silky", they say. It is "all about rich malt character" too. It has a "complexity which comes from the use of six different varieties is layered to give notes of chocolate, coffee and general roasted goodness" they continue. On and on. And on. There's "a healthy addition of oatmeal" that lends the beer "a full bodied experience along with a velvet like texture which works in harmony with a beer of this calibre." All well and good, we say, but, you know, whatever. What we really want to know is does this beer share any properties with the 1970s horror films with which it shares a name? Has anyone had their head sliced clean off by a pane of glass while drinking it? Has anyone been impaled by a lightning rod after consuming two or three - impaled by a lightning rod that leaves their body at a different angle to that which it enters (why do I remember this 23 years after watching the film...?). Apparently not (yet), but it hasn't passed without incident. When it was first tapped at the Cricketers Arms, the bar girl fell down the hatch and had to get stitches in her head. So, as one of the brewers warns: "If you see this beerâ?¦ don't buy it!"

American Oatmeal Stout


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