Come With Us!

February 18, 2021, by Crafty Pint

Come With Us!

Today's news is dominated by Facebook's decision to block Australian media from its platform, the latest move in an ongoing battle being waged by the world's tech giants. At time of writing, The Crafty Pint – listed as a Society & Culture Website – was still appearing on the site, but we had already been taking steps to connect with our audience without a reliance on third parties.

As regular users of the main social platforms will be well aware, organic reach has been cut dramatically over the years as many tech companies operate "pay to play" policies – hence while you'll have seen many of our Facebook posts appearing as "Sponsored". These are very rarely sponsored in the traditional sense; instead, we pay to promote them to give them a good chance of reaching an audience we've built organically over more than a decade but which Facebook no longer wants us to reach without paying.

So we've been working on the creation of daily e-bulletins we're set to launch next month. The Crafty Cuppa is distinct from our more long-form Friday newsletters: a 30 second read designed to land in your inboxes several mornings each week summarising the latest news, beer releases, events and so on from the local beer world.

We were planning to announce this later in the month when we had more to show you, but today's move by Facebook has forced our hand. While the first Crafty Cuppa won't appear for a few weeks, we are inviting you to sign up for the mailing list in advance by entering your details in the form below.

In recent years, we've spoken to friends in the industry and avid beer fans who were unaware we'd published certain articles or who were keen to tell us exciting news – only to find we'd written about it weeks earlier. The intention is that, by dropping snippets directly into your inboxes, we'll be able to connect more directly and instantly than we have in years and ensure the hard work of our team of contributors reaches the people eager to receive it.

Our Friday newsletter will continue – albeit switching to a new platform and a more image-driven design – so those who look forward to that landing in their inbox each week needn't worry.

Thanks for sticking with us in these funny old times!


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