Could You Be The Face of Feral in NSW?

Could You Be The Face of Feral in NSW?

Job posted May 16, 2014

This posting is more than 1 year old

Feral-Brendan-and-Will What’s left to be said about WA’s Feral?

Eternal champions at the Australian International Beer Awards and purveyors of an awesome array of beers.

It’s a wonder that, up until a few years ago, you could only get their beer in WA.

Now they’re at the forefront of pushing better beer across the land and are looking for someone to help them do just that in New South Wales.

Job Description: Feral Brewery Ambassador NSW

Are you someone that enjoys going to the pub? The local bar? The local coffee roaster or cafe? The local restaurant? The local gallery openings? The local bottleshop?

Are you someone that loves to mix work and play? Talk craft beer? Breathe craft beer? Live craft beer?

If you answered yes to all of this questions – and only if you did – then we want to speak to you. We are not looking for a used car salesman, but someone to build, represent and communicate our passion for great tasting Australian craft beer throughout NSW.

Please send your resume through to and with a little luck we may even be able to catch up during Good Beer Week.

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