Become a Young Henrys Booze Purveyor

Become a Young Henrys Booze Purveyor

Job posted May 19, 2016

This posting is more than 1 year old

Young Henrys has been a driving force in the rise of craft beer in Sydney in the past few years and continues to push into new territories, armed with kegs, cans, spirits and rock 'n' roll attitude. 

If you'd like to help them get their beers into the hands of the people of SA, they want to hear from you.


ADELAIDIANS... Young Henrys is looking for a guy or girl to become the next South Australian Purveyor of Beer, Cider and Spirits. 


  • Be passionate about booze. Your job is to educate others and get them pumped on the booze we make: beer, cider and spirits. A solid knowledge of these products is super important.
  • Know the industry. We can guide you on selling YH the YH way, but the more you know about the scene the better chance you'll have of success.
  • Be keen to get amongst it. This gig is not a standard Monday to Friday 9 to 5. You'll be doing most of your work during the traditional working week but in addition you'll be expected to get on the cans with punters from time to time. Events don’t run themselves. 
  • Be able to run your own race. You need to be self-sufficient, self-motivating and able to use your initiative.
  • Know your way around your hood. Local knowledge is such a bonus in this role, and even better is having bunch of contacts that will soon become your customers.
  • Have a current driver's licence. This job requires lots of driving so you must be pretty handy behind the wheel. To clarify, you need to be good at parallel parking and not going up the back of other cars… burnout skills aren't mandatory.
  • Sales experience. Not mandatory… but let’s just say it isn’t going to harm your chances of getting the gig.
  • Are you willing to embrace the Young Henrys way? As we want all our people to truly become part of the YH family. That means you have to want to get out there and have a lot of fun... “We cheers and swig from the pint rather than swirl and sip from the chalice.”
  • The other is a simple rule that has been written on the wall in our Newtown brewery tasting bar since inception... "No dicks." Simple.

If you have what it takes and you're keen to chat more, please shoot our HR dude your details –

Applications close COB May 27, 2016.

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