Run Mountain Goat's Brewery Bar

Run Mountain Goat's Brewery Bar

Job posted June 5, 2015

This posting is more than 1 year old

If a line were drawn back in time to chart the genesis of The Crafty Pint, one of its very earliest points would be the moment the site's founder was taken to Mountain Goat's brewery bar back in early 2008.

"Wow! I was not expecting to find this in Australia," pretty much sums up the reaction.

It remains a must do stop on any beer lover's visit to Melbourne and now they're looking for someone to help run it.


We need a new Goat. Will you be the new kid on the block? Will your mate?

Our new Goat will be titled 'Bar and Functions Supervisor' and will have the sweet gig of running the bar and events at HQ.

Are you Goat enough?

If you have considerable bar experience, your RSA and driver's licence and a passion for craft beer, please send in your CV, and tell us a bit about yourself.

Contact our Venue Manager:

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