Unused 500 Litre Microbrewery For Sale

Unused 500 Litre Microbrewery For Sale

A 500 litre brewery featuring brewhouse, fermenters, glycol cooling and CIP systems, keg washer, keg filler and other accessories is up for sale. The Chinese manufactured setup has never been assembled.

The equipment is currently in storage in Maryborough, Victoria.

The full package includes:

  • Brewhouse: 500L Mash/Lauter Tank, Kettle/Whirlpool Tank, Wort Grant, Hop Back, HLT + Pump, Wort Pump, Platform, Heat Exchanger, Wort Aeration Assembly, Sugar TEsting, Grain Plow
  • Fermentation System: 500L Fermentation Tanks (x 6), 5L Yeast Tank, Hoses, Coolant & Insulation Pipes
  • Glycol Cooling System: Glycol Tank 1000L, CLT 1000L, Chiller (x2), Glycol Pump, CLT Pump, Pipes + Valves
  • CIP System: Sterilisation Tank 50L, Alkali Liquor Tank 50L, Mobile Trolley, CIP Pump, Pipes + Valves, Control Box, Wired Hose
  • Control System: Control Cabinet, Digital Temp Controllers & Panel, Control & Signal Wire, Wire Spool
  • Accessories
  • Keg Washer, Keg Filler, Copper Beer Taps

Cost: $138,000 incl GST (negotiable) + shipping

Contact Issy on 0414 363 636 or via email – issy3636@gmail.com.

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