Hobart Brewing Are Hiring A General Manager

Hobart Brewing Are Hiring A General Manager

Job posted January 21, 2020

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Hobart Brewing Company form a key part of their state's exciting beer scene and are based in a rustic warehouse by Hobart's waterfront. 

If you want to lead the brewery into the future, they're hiring a general manager.

Job Description: General Manager

Hobart Brewing Company (HBC) is on the hunt for a great General Manager to lead and execute our strategic plan with management and the wider team. The full-time role reports to a Board of five Directors, and has four direct reports.

This is a hands-on role to ensure the business continues its fast growth and pumping out an exciting range of award-winning, high-quality Tasmanian craft beers. 

About you

You lead. You're well versed in managing a fast-growing business, preferably a brewery. You have experience positioning quality products in the market at the right price, supporting the people behind them and ensuring our story is told consistently. You're versatile and value doing things a little differently. You know how to motivate and focus a skilled team when hitting quarterly goals and annual plans.

You love numbers. With a strong interest in the right KPIs, you keep your eye on a handful of the most important ones and ensure we hit them. You can create and manage an annual budget, and talk to questions the Board puts forward and scenarios that need to be costed in a professional business case. 

You collaborate. You love to bounce ideas around with different people, different formats and in all sorts of situations. You like the energy in creating something new and interesting with other people and seeing the concept come to life. You inspire people to undertake the right action and follow your lead.

You innovate. Our brewers love to experiment, try new things, and learn from the results. They want you to do the same. You know how to set a strategy, anticipate a result, but are adaptable and skilled enough to react when things change. 

You like to achieve. You can define clear goals, work with and manage those around you to achieve those goals, and be proactive and creative in correcting the course towards those goals.   

You don't mind a few realities. It's not all beer and skittles. Well, we don't play skittles. We're more a collection of pool sharks. You can handle a budget, you’re very organised and are willing to do the less fun yet still necessary things any job requires. 

What's this role about?

Be prepared as no two days will be the same. Ideas will be thrown at you from everywhere throughout the business and you will need to manage those ideas (and people), set priorities and get on with it.

  • You'll work with everyone. We mean, everyone, in fulfilling this role - from the Board down
  • Leadership, management, communication and organisation is the cornerstone of every good General Manager and in this role it needs to be a given
  • Refine and execute the strategic plan once approved by the Board
  • Draft an annual budget, have it approved by the Board then deliver it
  • Identify and pursue new opportunities to grow our sales
  • Manage and strongly support the other four roles in the management team: Head Brewer, Marketing & Events Manager, Venue Manager and our Sales Rep
  • Maintain excellent relationships with our key stakeholders, including: our landlord; funders; investors; government; and key sales accounts
  • Represent the business in the media
  • Manage risks throughout the business - from finance, legal through to Work, Health & Safety
  • Present to the Board at each quarterly meeting

While it is preferable you have experience managing a brewery we will consider strong candidates that can demonstrate excellent hospitality experience or growing a similar type of business.

Who are we?

We're an independent brewery with friendly hospitality and on-site events, filled to the brim with passionate managers, employees, owners, musicians, brewers, foodies, performers, producers and we even have the odd beer drinker or two wander in. HBC is currently the second largest craft brewer in Tasmania.

We're dedicated to providing high-quality and delicious beer for all of Tasmania and are now floating a few kegs and cases over the waters to the big Island. We have developed a strong reputation for great beer, great events and being a part of our community in a pretty rustic, but very real and honest shed just out the back of all the flash stuff Hobart offers. 

We're growing fast, have won a few awards for what we’ve done along the way and have an experienced and exciting team from first thing Monday morning when the brewers arrive until Sunday night when the Venue Manager turns out the lights. 

We're not here by accident. Our owners and those who work with us entered the business because they wanted to be a part of an exciting and interesting Hobart brewery and taproom that is passionate about the community around us and loves nothing more than hosting a great local event with a focus on our beer. 

How to Apply?

Want to throw your hat in the ring? Great! Please email our Chairperson a 1-2 page covering letter telling us about you, along with your resume. 

Applications close 9am February 3, 2020.

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