Event Rocks Brewing Degustation (NSW)

Rocks Brewing Degustation (NSW)

March 22nd 6:30pm

Does beer taste better when it's (a) Consumed beneath the very tanks in which it was made, (b) In plentiful supply, (c) Part of a multi-course feast, or (d) In the company of new friends? The answer, of course, is (e) All of the above. 

And all of that is what you'll get at the Rocks Brewing degustation which features six courses and six beers (well, seven of each if you count the amuse bouche) in the heart of the Alexandria brewery. 

The menu looks a little (or a lot) like this... 

  • Lightly Cured Kingfish, Avocado Cream, Caviar with Governor Golden Ale 
  • Seared Scallop, Cauliflower Puree, Nectarine Jam, Jamon Powder with Conviction Series Nectarine Witbier
  • Fish Taco-Lightly Smoked Barramundi, Finger Lime, Jalapeno & Sweet Corn Pico de Galo with Jalapeno infused Governor Golden Ale
  • Sous Vide Lamb Tenderloin, Smoked Eggplant Puree with Hangman Pale Ale
  • Master Stock Pork Belly, Sweet Corn Puree, Schezuan Popcorn with Conviction Series IPA
  • Sri Lankan Goat Curry, Beer Infused Lentil Dahl, Spiced Naan with Conviction Series Red IPA
  • Textures of Blueberry & Dark Chocolate with Barrel Aged Blueberry Witbier

It's happening on Wednesday March 22. Tickets are $90 per person and can be booked by contacting sally@rocksbrewing.com.

Crafty Cabal Member offer at Rocks Brewing: Free Rocks Beer with a Cheeseburger


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