Events Fermentis Homebrew Q&A: Cider Cultures Across the World

Fermentis Homebrew Q&A: Cider Cultures Across the World
9am 29 Sep, 2022

Ever wondered about making cider at a serious level? Maybe you've had a go, with disappointing results? After all, it looks so easy: get some apples, crush 'em into juice, leave it for a bit and you're done – what else else there to it?! 

Well, plenty, as it turns out. 

To get you going in the right direction, the fermentation pros at Fermentis are hosting an online session designed to get you up to speed with what's what in the cider world, from country and regional differences to different styles to the yeast that underpins much of the magic. 

Whether you're an aspiring home brewer or eyeing up a commercial operation, this session should fill in plenty of gaps in your knowledge, help you figure out what you're aiming for in a cider and, most importantly, how to actually get there. 

The online session will be beaming in to budding cider makers across the world, so all you need to do is register free here and set a reminder.

Kaiju Pleazure Kruze- D
FB Propak B


Kaiju Pleazure Kruze- C
FB Propak B
Goat Blood Orange
Bright Lager