Events Feast Of The Barrel: Wolf X Lark X Naughtons

Feast Of The Barrel: Wolf X Lark X Naughtons
6:30pm 13 Aug, 2022

Come celebrate all things oak, smoke and grain as Wolf Of The Willows and Lark Distillery host the third and final leg of their launch of this year's barrel exchange beer and whisky releases. 

Hot on the heels of the Hungry Like A Wolf dinner (August 10) and official taproom launch (August 12) of the Lark Imperial JSP V and Lark Wolf V whisky, you can join the crews for a guided winter feast at Naughtons Hotel in Parkville. 

Expect a farm-to-table focused set menu where your palate will be dancing to the tastes of top quality treats like king salmon, wood-fired lamb, and chooooocolate. Each course will be matched with a Wolf Of The Willows beer – except for dessert which will instead be accompanied with a flight of imperial porters and single malt whisky...

To book your spot at what promises to be a most delectable evening, just hit the link below:

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