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ExBEERimental Science
7pm 19 Aug, 2022

Some say brewing is an art. Others say it's science. Could it be both? No, it's science – and these guys are going to prove it.

As part of National Science Week, the curious minds behind Science Made Beerable have tasked four independent Australian breweries – Black Arts (VIC), Shapeshifter (SA), Mountain Culture (NSW) and Shambles Brewery (TAS) – to don a lab coat and craft an experimental beer for a special ExBEERimental Science event.

Taking place at Shambles Brewery in Hobart on August 19, it'll be a delicious deep dive into experimental conditions, interesting ingredients and exciting results. 

While the main event will be live and in-person, you'll also be able to take part elsewhere across this fair land thanks to the wonders of home beer delivery and live streams. 

You'll find all the event details, ticketing and delivery info here.

Holgate Mt Macedon- D
FB Propak B


Atomic Mango Sour- C
FB Propak B
Bendigo bottom