Events Smiling Samoyed Host Pets At The Pub Fundraiser For RSPCA (SA)

Smiling Samoyed Host Pets At The Pub Fundraiser For RSPCA (SA)
10am 31 Oct, 2021 to 12pm 31 Oct, 2021

Many are the brewing companies that celebrate the canine world in one way or another, but do any put the love for our four-legged friends quite as front and centre as Smiling Samoyed?

The Myponga brewery doesn't just put their pets likeness on ever bottle and decal and name beers after them, but they're pretty much an everpresent fixture at the venue south of Adelaide.

They also do their bit for other dog lovers and the RSPCA with events like this one on October 31.

Pets At The Pub is a fundraiser where dog-owners can register their pets for a series of fun challenges, including musical sits, a keg-gility course, a Halloween costume competition and creating a Paw Print canvas as activities, as well as offering Pupaccinos and spent grain biscuits for the pups.

Raffle proceeds and $1 from every beer sold on the day will go to the RSPCA.

If you and your pooch would like to be there, email to check availability.

There's cause for celebration at the brewery already, after they were named as a finalist in the South Australian Tourism Awards, which take place on November 4.

Brewery co-owner Kate Henning said: “The past 18 months have been a roller coaster ride. Seeing our brewery bar go from being shuttered, to renovated, to bustling with activity has been amazing. We have refined what we do and how we do it.

"Being recognised as a finalist in the South Australian Tourism Awards demonstrates the awesome work the team has put in through the tough times.”

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