Events Shout A Vic A Drink – Round II

Shout A Vic A Drink – Round II
12pm 22 Oct, 2021

As Melbourne's second lockdown ended in October 2020, the team at Otter's Promise launched Shout A Vic A Drink.

The concept was simple: if you'd watched Victorians struggle through a close to four month lockdown to keep the rest of the country COVID free and wanted to say thank, you could buy a drink for them at the Armadale bar.

For every drink committed, an Otter's Promise regular would be surprised with a free drink on their next visit.

With the state, and Greater Melbourne in particular, suffering through four more lockdowns in 2021 – successfully until the incursions from interstate became too much – the bar team is at it again as they, along with thousands of other venues, prepare to reopen on October 22.

If you'd like to shout a Vic a drink, you can do so here:


Someone got in touch a few months after the last campaign to ask how it had gone and we were sent some photos of happy free drink recipients but forgot to share them online.

In the end, more than 200 drinks were shouted for patrons of the Otter's Promise in 2020, with a few of the happy recipients pictured above.

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