Events Deadline For Feedback On The IBA Code Of Conduct

Deadline For Feedback On The IBA Code Of Conduct
5pm 20 Aug, 2021

A new Code of Conduct for the independent brewing industry is close to completion, with the Independent Brewers Association (IBA) calling for feedback from its members.

A draft has been drawn up in recent weeks following a raft of allegations of sexual assault and harassment throughout the global beer industry.

The Crafty Pint wrote about the development of the Code and the launch of a new group, Beer Agents For Change, working with the IBA in developing policies and guidelines to create a safer and more welcoming beer community here.

The IBA says their new Code of Conduct is "The next step in ensuring diversity, inclusion and a safe working environment for the independent brewing industry."

The draft document has now been circulated to members, who are invited to provide feedback before August 20.

NB We are unable to link to the draft here as it is only for IBA members until finalised; if you're a member and haven't received a copy, you can contact the IBA to have it sent your way.

The draft Code applies to the Board, employees of the IBA and to volunteers serving on committees and subcommittees, and outlines the obligations of the organisation, its members. It will apply to individual officers, directors, partners and employees and will be adopted as a by-law of the IBA.

Once all responses have been considered after the August 20 deadline, the Code will be finalised.

You can still contribute to the Beer Agents For Change's Craft Beer Diversity and Inclusion Survey 2021 here. And you can read a two-part series on the issue of sexual assault and harassment in the local beer industry here and here. Content warning: both contain discussion of sexual assault.