Events The Brewer's Lunch ft Sanctus (QLD)

The Brewer's Lunch ft Sanctus (QLD)
12pm 13 Aug, 2021

A good beer and a good cause make for a reliably wonderful pairing, so if you'd like to get your fill of good feels just grab a ticket to The Brewers Lunch, a regular professional networking event held in different cities across Australia that's designed to bring people together and raise loads of money for charity. 

Their Gold Coast events have been reliably selling out quickly, but there's good news on the horizon because another lunch has been booked for August 13. 

It's happening at Hideaway Kitchen & Bar at Broadbeach and the featured guest will be the Sanctus Brewing Company. The team from the rural NSW brewery will be sharing six beers as the Hideaway kitchen dishes up a three course feast and a professional comedian keeps you entertained. 

There'll be a charity auction and raffle, with the charity of benefit being Baby Give Back, an organisation that helps vulnerable babies, children and families who'll be getting one hundred percent of the proceeds of the event. 

Tickets are limited and can be picked up here