Events Range Brewing Full Circle Launch & Karma Kegs

Range Brewing Full Circle Launch & Karma Kegs
12pm 9 Apr, 2021

Australia has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world and according to Melanoma Institute Australia, one person is diagnosed with the disease every 30 minutes and it's the most common cancer affecting 15 to 39-year-old Australians. 

The impact of melanoma can be felt widely and recently, it's hit the close-knit team at Range Brewing. The brewery's good friend, Kyle Walker, has been diagnosed with Stage Four Melanoma at just 30 years of age and to support their mate, Range have brewed a beer. 

Full Circle is a pale ale that was first brewed in 2020 to support venues impacted by Melbourne's second wave of COVID and the new release of the beer will see all profits go to support the Melanoma Institute Australia. The beer has been made possible by generation donations from Bintani, Hops Product Australia and Bluestone Yeast Co, with Full Circle available from both the brewery's Newstead and Abbotsford homes, plus the Range online store from April 8. 

What's more, from midday in both Queensland and Victoria, Range will be pouring Karma Kegs of Full Circle with the money raised from those sales going directly to Kyle to help cover his living expenses and costs associated with treatment. 


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