Events Wildflower's Foggy Morning At Bitter Phew (NSW)

Wildflower's Foggy Morning At Bitter Phew (NSW)
5pm 17 Oct, 2019

'Tis a new month, meaning there are new Wildflower releases.

Head to Bitter Phew to try the new Foggy Morning, which is made using 100 percent Stringy Bark smoked malt from Voyager Craft Malt. 

Wildflower's Topher Boehm describes it as "a truly campfire, morning ash experience... the aroma is reminiscent of waking up next to a burned down fire and catching a breeze of embers still alight deep in the ash, throwing on a jumper you were wearing the night before and taking a deep breath in." 

You can read the whole poetic story of Foggy Morning here.

Or, better still, you can head to Bitter Phew on October 17 and taste it for yourself.

As well as Foggy Morning, Bitter Phew will be pouring Wildflower's Amber #22 and Gold #23.

Crafty Cabal Member offer at Bitter Phew: Schooners for 330ml prices at Bitter Phew

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