Events Return of Bacchus & In Hopsy We Trust At Quarrymans Hotel (NSW)

Return of Bacchus & In Hopsy We Trust At Quarrymans Hotel (NSW)
4pm 21 Sep, 2019

Sydney, you're in for a treat. Quarrymans Hotel is bringing in some rarer-than-gold beers from Bacchus Brewing for you to taste.

Realistically, if you've never tried Bacchus Brewing's beer before, you're in the majority. Chances to catch Bacchus' beer outside of the brewery itself are few and far between – read their Crafty listing to get your head around their unique multi-brewhouse set-up. 

It boggles the mind to see how many different and mouth-watering beers they pump out: their Atomic sour series, single hop IPA series, dessert beers, pop culture-themed beers, and more barrel-aged stouts and sours than you can poke a stave at.

On Saturday, September 21, from 4pm, you'll get the opportunity to try Bacchus beers for yourself. The man, the myth, the legend Ross Kenrick is heading down for the event, and he's bringing some banging beers with him. Come get your lips around some Bacchus classics and some exclusive new brews.

The same day is also the last day of In Hopsy We Trust, the annual string of events that sees Quarrymans hold up their resident feline as a beacon of hope for cats everywhere.

From 6pm, Quarrymans will be holding an auction for the Cat Protection Society. There'll be Hoppsy merchandise available from the bar, including special edition Hopsy tees, exclusive beer releases and giveaways.

Even if you can't make it on the night, you can help Hopsy donate to the Cat Protection Society at this link.

Come on. Help Hopsy out. Protect some cats.

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