Nail Brewing Quokka Export

Nail Brewing

Published March 30, 2023

Thirty minutes by ferry from the Perth coastline lays Rottnest, a rocky island surrounded by stunning beaches that West Australian’s have claimed as their very own laid-back, Mediterranean-style getaway. Thongs and bikes rule, with kids playing out unsupervised adventures that would make good copy should Wes Anderson need new material, and the chance to snorkel as an octopus makes its idiosyncratic way over coral below you just a short swim away.

It’s also home to around 10,000 quokkas, an indigenous marsupial whose ebullient smile has capture the hearts of millions worldwide, and seen celebs clamouring for a quokka selfie. They bring a simple joy that's now shared by Quokka Export.

As uncomplicated as beer gets, in reality this is drinking a dream: one of unfettered timelines, BBQ’d sausages, and crays for days. The passing flicker of sweet marine diesel from Thompsons Bay, sand everywhere without a care. The afternoon Doctor, languid light and Pinky's at night. Quokka Export is ‘lil hop fantasy, 375ml at a time.

Guy Southern

Nail Brewing

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