Deeds Brewing Pre Game Pale Ale

Deeds Brewing

Published February 10, 2023

As the events of seemingly every passing day in early 2023 remind us, we're living in trying times. As the global economy goes through one of its periods of turmoil, there won't be many people out there who aren't engaged in a spot of future replanning or juggling the household or business budgets. So, while the affordable slab of craft beer is hardly new, it's certainly something more drinkers and brewers are factoring into the equation; and among those brewers are Deeds.

While we're sure one of the country's best-known purveyors of lotsa-grams-per-litres DIPAs and double-digit-ABV barrel-aged stouts won't be putting a halt to that side of their broad offering, with Pre Game Pale they're playing very much in fridge-filler territory. That it's a pale ale brewed with one of their favourite US hops, Citra, brings familiarity, but if your experience of the Glen Iris brewery is their multiply-dry-hopped hazies, this is of a different heritage.

The Citra sits amid a more down to earth, earthy even, beer, presumably used in lesser amounts and a little earlier in the process than their more florid affairs. There’s something old school about it too, like the session ale at the clubhouse of your local sports club reimagined – albeit not too drastically – for 2023 tastes.

James Smith

Aussie Pale Ale
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