Molly Rose Little Rosé

Molly Rose Brewing

Published March 19, 2022

Myriad fresh or wet hop beers will soon be upon us but it’s not just hops being picked this time of year: the grape harvest is underway. With the 2022 vintage in full swing, Molly Rose have released a series of beer-wine hybrids from 2021. While most of the four beverages are exclusive to the brewery’s Cornerstone members, Little Rosé has been given a wider release, with this farmhouse ale a blend of the three other hybrids and featuring shiraz, Nero d’Avola and Moscato Giallo skins.

What all those elements create is a beer with a refreshing, quite zippy touch of acid and an underlying tannic character that is joined by some accompanying herbal, peppery or earthy notes. On top of all that, Little Rosé delivers a spread of fruit that flits between strawberry, redcurrant and guava, presenting as much as a low-intervention wine as a, well, beer...

Will Ziebell

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