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Published March 11, 2022

For International Women’s Day 2022, CoConspirators and Blackhearts & Sparrows came together to celebrate the impact women have on the brewing industry while also challenging the pervasive industry stereotypes. The Brewer is a West Coast IPA where the can artwork disputes widespread perceptions about what brewers look like and the beer inside is one the collaborators have described as bold and assertive.

Using an all-American trio of Mosaic, Talus and Strata hops, The Brewer is certainly boldly bitter, with that bitterness blending and complementing the beer's substantial aromas and flavours of resinous pine. You’ll also find quite a clear note of citrus that sits somewhere between grapefruit and orange rind and further fruited flavours in the shape of a fresh tropical medley, with all that aroma, flavour and bitterness balanced against a slightly chewy malt backbone.

Will Ziebell

West Coast IPA
CoConspirators Brewing

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