Noodledoof Stone Fruit Sour


Published January 17, 2022

If you'd given Sam and Alex three guesses as to what beer style would be the one they couldn't brew fast enough within two years of launching Noodledoof, I seriously doubt they'd have gone with a fruited sour. Sure, when I first called in a couple of months after opening, they were about to tap their first such beer to test the waters, but who'd have thought a regional town with a strong Irish heritage would fall for Stone Fruit Sour?

No prizes for working out stone fruit is the key character here, ensuring it has a fruit juice like cloudiness and much in the way of stone fruit aromas and flavours. Juicy Idaho 7 hops are there to enhance its tropical vibes, while it's more refreshing and softly tart than overtly sour or bracing, an approach that no doubt explains how it's been disappearing from the brewpub so fast.

James Smith

Stone Fruit Sour

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