Prancing Pony Lager

Prancing Pony Brewery

Published October 22, 2021

The Prancing Ponies of the Adelaide Hills are no strangers to traditional Germany style beers, or indeed Germany, given owners Corinna and Frank grew up there. Hence a significant proportion of the beers they release – at least by Aussie standards – are lagers. Their new for spring 2021 core range offering, Pony Lager, keeps things simple, equally at home in the hands of a crafty type after a straightforward drinking experience and appealing to the drinker who prefers the mass-produced variety.

The uncomplicated Pony Lager was definitely meant for hot days and drinking in the sun: a helles style lager with a light to medium light body and light carbonation. There's a pleasant, clean crispness to it, added by a touch of spice from the traditional hops, while a soft, rounded, bready malt character with a drying, bread crust edge carries the spice and some floral aromas nicely. It's release is well timed, ahead of the heat and sessions of summer.

Matt King

23 IBU
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