Future Mountain Fortune Telling Lady (2021)

Future Mountain

Published September 23, 2021

As much as cans are dominant these days, there are some beers that feel far more appropriate when they come in a big bottle. Future Mountain’s Fortune Telling Lady is exactly that, not just because the beer seems like one that needs to be shared but because the clear glass 750ml bottles really let you know there's some fruit coming your way. That's not by accident either, with the brewery making the switch earlier in 2021 as part of a drive to showcase the fresh local fruit they were using - you can read the story we wrote at the time here.

In this case, the fruit is sour Morello cherries, sourced from Cobradah Orchards in the Yarra Valley, and added fresh by the Future Mountain brewers to oak barrels filled with a golden sour blend. The resulting beer, which is a returning one for the brewery, pours a bright red, raspberry hue while displaying a complex mix of flavours that move between vibrant cherry, almond and Brettanomyces-induced ripe stone fruit and tropical fruit. In other words, make sure you share it with a friend who has an equal appreciation for funky sours.

Will Ziebell

Golden Sour Beer With Morello Cherries
5.8% ABV
Future Mountain

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