Bridge Road Brewers NEeD Vol.5: Cold IPA

Bridge Road Brewers

Released August 24, 2021

Cold IPAs are making their way onto the scene as a clean style, bringing a touch of tidiness and refinement to the world of IPA – something like a cross between a lager and an IPA. But Bridge Road’s latest entry in the NEeD series shows that refined doesn’t have to mean dainty and delicate.

It might have something to do with Bridge Road’s twist on the style; rather than using a lager yeast for this cold IPA, they’ve used an ale yeast but fermented the beer at a lager temperature. The result is something like a West Coast that’s had a few of the rough edges smoothed out.

Right from the get go, a big, fat wallop of overripe pawpaw and mango hits you in the face, bringing together sticky fruit with sweet confectionery. But, surprisingly, this barrage of flavour isn’t overwhelming on the palate; it’s surprisingly easy to drink for a seven percent hop bomb, even when the fruit characters from the Motueka and Kohatu hops make way for Strata’s earthy dankness in the back of the mouth. Because, while there’s a little alcohol warmth, a staunch body, and a backhand of bitterness, there’s somehow still a clean finish here that leaves you feeling fresh and ready for more after each sip.

Mick Wust

Cold IPA
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