Nomad Brewing Jetlag-02 & Supersonic Passionfruit & Lime DIPA

Nomad Brewing

Released August 13, 2021

It's August, Sydney's in lockdown and Nomad are onto the second instalment in their DDH IPA series and Jetlag-02 is a smooth ride. For some of us, this beer may stir up bitterness in our souls as it reminds us that we haven’t been able to get on a plane in months. But that’s the only bitterness you’ll find here.

Featuring Galaxy, Mosaic and Enigma hops, this hazy brings a blend of flavours that’s familiar, but delivered with finesse. It’s like taking a photo from a nostalgic period of your life and applying your favourite filter to it before posting it to Instagram. The Galaxy hops bring a waft of Pasito* to the nose, with some gentle orange juice joining the (non-tangy) passionfruit once the first sip has passed your lips. A touch of berry shows up on the finish… then you’re done.

It went down so easily. It was so soft and fluffy. You’re wondering where your beer went - it was like you fell asleep just after take-off and woke up when you touched down on the runway at your destination because there was absolutely no turbulence on the flight - just a gentle cruise through the air. Hats off to the pilot… uh, brewer.

But if that got you in the Pasito mood, then you’re in for a treat - Supersonic Passionfruit & Lime DIPA is a full-on Pasito explosion. I don’t know where you used to get your Pasito fix, but whether it was the school fête, a visit to grandma’s house, or your end of year footy break-up, prepare to be transported there.

The actual drinking experience is neither as sugary nor one-dimensional as the soft drink. The passionfruit is levelled out with dry resin, sharp citrus, and a bite of hop bitterness, which ensure this is no child’s drink. Even though it introduced itself as a memento from your childhood, it leaves your mouth in a more mature fashion - a whisper of alcohol warmth, a slice of lime tang, and a scrape of dryness.

*Sidenote: were you a Pasito or a Passiona kid? I always thought they were identical but apparently, some people have strong opinions about Pasito vs Passiona…

6.5% & 7.8%
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