Bridge Road Blood Orange Sour

Bridge Road Brewers

Published July 14, 2021

Another month, another gose from Bridge Road. This one has blood orange in the mix, and it brings all kinds of fresh delights to the senses.

To the eye, a slightest blush. Golden with a touch of pink.

To the nose, a heady rush. Whether you describe it as sour orange or grapefruit, it’s a wonderfully zappy smell.

To the mouth, a gentle tang. There’s orange, there’s sour, there’s salt, but the overarching theme is crisp refreshment. If you take small sips, it’s extremely easy drinking. If you take larger gulps, the flavour packs more punch as it reaches the back and sides of your tongue.

To the end, the heart sang. Don’t expect this beer to last you very long - a quick dry finish with a touch of salt keeps you bringing it to your lips until you’re surprised it’s all gone. It’s here for a good time, not a long time.

Mick Wust

Bridge Road Brewers

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