Black Brewing Coconut Porter & Bad Boy Bao Bao

Black Brewing Co

Published July 13, 2021

Two is almost always better then one, which could be why Black Brewing have released two dark, unique, seasonally-appropriate beers for punters to enjoy. The brewers at their Caves Road home have dropped a coconut porter and a new take on their Bao Bao Stout – a sweetened marshmallow infused reiteration – right at the midpoint of winter.

Coconut Porter is a decadent treat perfect for slow sipping. Pouring inky black with a strikingly dense, mocha head, and displaying rich cocoa and coconut on the nose, it’s brazenly laced with oily, sweet coconut flavours that blend perfectly with bitter dark chocolate notes and moreish stewed fruit and subtle earthy notes. Mouthfeel is deceptively light, however, allowing the bold flavours to fade quickly before each sip, while carbonation is soft and silky.

Bao Bao Marshmallow Stout, on the other hand, is a sweet, lactose driven milk stout with the added fun of toasted marshmallow and decadent chocolate flavours that pours with plenty of viscosity and a dense, espresso-hued head. Sweet, but not sickly sweet, with some bitter, dusty cocoa and earthy hop characters that cut through the joyous, lolly like flavour, its silky smooth texture and a long finish that carries sweetness well after each sip leaves you with one balanced and full-flavoured drop.

Given their southerly location, Black Brewing know what a cold winter looks like, and with this double drop they’ve also demonstrated they know how to drink for the cooler months too.

Jono Outred

Coconut Porter & Sweet Stout
6.5% & 7.4%
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