Nomad Brewing Powder Day: Choc Orange Double Milk Stout

Nomad Brewing

Released June 28, 2021

I’ve never tasted a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. They’re a wonderful design, they’re appetising, and apparently, they’ve been around for almost a hundred years now… but I’ve never tasted one. However, I get the impression it’s the kind of product where if you’ve ever tasted choc orange flavoured anything, you can imagine exactly what it tastes like. Feel free to correct me if you’ve had one and think they’re somehow entirely different from every other choc orange flavoured thing in existence.

Enter Nomad’s Powder Day Choc Orange Double Milk Stout. Pour out a glass of the stuff… and you get a huge burst of choc orange.

The head dissipates quickly, but when you stick your nose in the glass… you still get choc orange.

Sure, there’s a touch of roasty stout intermingled in the aroma… but still, you get choc orange.

The sweetness hits up front when you start to drink, and that roastiness you smelled revisits at the back of your palate. The body and sweetness are softer than in previous Powder Day variants, allowing for a surprisingly clean finish rather than a syrupy one. The flavour is balanced and well-rounded.

And do you know what that flavour is?

It’s choc orange.

Mick Wust

Double Milk Stout
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