Bad Shepherd Oat Cream IPA

Bad Shepherd

Published June 26, 2021

What's this? Two limited releases in a row from Bad Shepherd that resist the temptation to head to the dessert trolley or strive for some unusual colour? Hot on the heels of a tasty American brown ale comes another beer that's rather normal by contemporary standards; even the label art is of a rather more classical bent

It's an oat cream IPA called, simply, Oat Cream IPA, in which Pahto (a variety new to us that's designed for bittering), Talus, Cashmere and Galaxy hops are combined with both lactose and vanilla. Passionfruit cream cake aromas rise first from the pale gold and suitably hazy beer, with the oats and creaminess-delivering adjuncts rounding out the lively tropical hops while adding a little stickiness atop what bitterness there is. In short, it's a beer that delivers what it says on the tin.

James Smith

Oat Cream IPA
25 IBU
Bad Shepherd

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