Bridge Road Brewers NEeD Vol.3: Hazy

Bridge Road Brewers

Published March 22, 2021

They aren't slowing their hop journey at Bridge Road with the NEeD IPA series beers coming out in a rapid succession and three beers and twelve hop varieties into it, they haven’t used a hop variety twice.

Volume 3 is a Hazy that’s a little tamer than its predecessors. But don’t expect it to be boring - while the can is a simple beige with an apricot blush (perhaps with a Hex colour code of #FFC77D for those among you who are design-inclined), the glowing beer inside shows off Idaho 7, Loral and Citra in a way that allows delicate flavours to play alongside some of the larger characters.

Citrus candy and wispy florals join together to create an intoxicating perfume that's close to musk sticks, or fallen flowers in an orchard. But once it enters your mouth, the florals fall away and the citrus tang is met with a touch of mango sweetness, a piney dryness, and a soft blanket of earthy black tea, which all fade into a tannic bitterness. Pair this volume with a carby dish that won’t overpower its subtleties, like a creamy pasta or if you've got a sweeter tooth, some flaky pastries.

Mick Wust

Hazy IPA
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