Nomad Freshie Margarita Gose

Nomad Brewing

Released March 18, 2021

In 2020, Nomad simultaneously released a Freshie gose with fruit and a Mexican lager with salt and lime. A year on, they’ve released a beer that is basically the lovechild of those two: Freshie Margarita Gose.

Nomad suggest getting “dressed up in your fanciest cocktail attire” to drink this cocktail-inspired gose and have even put Freshie the squid in a white dinner jacket worthy of Hollywood. But I must confess: I don’t put margaritas in the same category as other cocktails. No fancy suits, flowing ballgowns, or grand pianos here. When I’m drinking a margarita, it’s almost exclusively in jeans and a t-shirt while I’m out eating delicious cheap Mexican food.

And I reckon that same pairing is just right for Freshie Margarita - I want to drink this with corn chips and guacamole and a burrito as big as my head. The zesty kick of lime and agave aren’t face-puckering, but will cut through the greasy goodness like a good margarita should. In place of a salt rim, Nomad uses local seawater and Murray River pink salt to bring the savoury balance. Overall, there’s certainly less punch than a traditional margarita and the result is something refreshing that you can smash a few of without them smashing you (which can’t be said of the tequila-based drink).

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