Nomad Brewing Champers In Paradise

Nomad Brewing

Released February 21, 2021

It may share a common element with Nomad’s Champers Brut IPA from a couple of prior, but the difference between that sparkly hop juice and this pink popper released early in 2021 is stark.

Champers in Paradise doesn’t try to hide the fact it’s all about the fruit – the bright rose flush is loud and proud in announcing its dragonfruit and guava additions. Sticky red liquorice, floral guava notes and thick passionfruit all rush the nose and then welcome the flood of sour that hits as Champers lands on the tongue – think of those sour gummy worms that blend sweet and sour.

Of those flavours, though, the passionfruit is the one that really goes the distance; while the others eventually give way to the sour, the passionfruit embraces it in all its tart glory. And, unlike most passionfruit beers, which go the sweet Passito route, Champers in Paradise showcases an earthy vibe that makes for the most authentic expression of homegrown passionfruit I’ve ever tried in a beer. It’s like juicy passionfruit straight from the shell.

At the end of this sour pinksplosion, I found myself licking my teeth with my tongue, and cleaning out the last traces from the corners of my mouth – then I turned to my drinking buddy and noticed that he was doing exactly the same thing.

Mick Wust

Brut Sour Ale
10 IBU
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