Otherside Brewing Co Distortion 2021: Sabro Sour & DDH Oat Cream Pale Ale

Otherside Brewing Co

Published February 18, 2021

Otherside’s late summer 2021 pair play to the moment, and the more adventurous may even consider blending the duo in an inspired rush of warm air, sunshine and tropically-infused hedonism.

This year's Distortion delivers a zippy Sabro-coco-mandarin-mint vibe, which makes a whole lot of sense in refreshing summery cocktails, and yet appears polarising for many in beer. Why Sabro haters gotta hate? If nothing else, here it helps deliver a sour with character and flavour.

Personality isn’t missing in its sibling either. DDH Oat Cream Pale Ale is awash with the slurry of melted vanilla ice cream that’s been pimped with collapsed syrup swirl ribbons of mango, sweet orange and fruity sauvignon blanc. Sweetness is balanced and, at 5.4 percent ABV, it’s an oat cream of the sort you can comfortably enjoy more than one.

Guy Southern

Sabro Sour & DDH Oat Cream Pale
6.0% & 5.4%


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