Akasha Project Blood Orange Gose

Akasha Taproom & Brewery

Published January 15, 2021

The first Akasha Project release for 2021 also happens to be the Sydney brewery’s first limited release tin that isn’t driven by hops (since rebranding last year anyway). Instead, they’ve traded heavy hopping rates for kettle souring and buckets of citrus pulp to brew Blood Orange Gose.

It’s a pink-hued beer that would fit with any picnic in a park and largely that’s thanks to the balance between sourness, juiciness and saltiness. Many modern kettle sours land pretty close to soft drinks but, in the case of Akasha’s, you've got a fruit-filled sour beer that’s still very much a beer. The tartness and juicy notes hit together with sour and sweet in a battle for control in which neither wins before they're joined by a wave of salinity.

If anything, Blood Orange Gose serves as a reminder that, despite being quite good at it, Akasha aren’t just a brewery adept at letting hops shine.

Will Ziebell

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