Mismatch DDH Hazy Session & Double Hazy

Mismatch Brewing Co

Released December 7, 2020

To see 2020 off in style, and wrap up their handsome contribution to the plethora of limited releases from Aussie brewers this year, Mismatch have doubled down on two very different double hazies. The first takes the bones of an old favourite, Mismatch Session Ale, than adds a double dry hop and a boost in ABV to 4.5 percent. The second is a double hazy IPA: a bigger, meatier version of the former at exactly double the alcohol content.

Fans of the OG Session will find the DDH Hazy Session’s aroma amplified, as the treatment lifts those pineapple, passionfruit and mango aromas to the next level in a distinctly hazy beer with a light, fluffy and extremely sessionable body, but with an added layer of fruit and juiciness. The pineapple is the hero flavour wise, with some coconut chiming in late on alongside a decent bitterness and a nice, dry crispness to finish.

Double Hazy definitely lives up to its name, pouring a burnt orange colour and supporting a solid cloudiness. Sweet, juicy apricots lead with a touch of pine coming through too. That smidgeon of sweetness continues on the first sip, with a creamy and full mouthfeel allowing the stone fruit to really shine, backed up by a little mandarin. Very easy-drinking for a 9 percent ABV beer, it showcases a great balance between juicy, sweet and bitter.

Mismatch’s new releases this year have been tight, well made and super drinkable – and these are no exception.

Mat King

Hazy Session Ale & Double Hazy
4.5% & 9.0%
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